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Children – do they belong to their parents – or the community?

Yesterday, Melissa Harris-Perry got pummeled for her sound bite about the responsibility of raising children, which admittedly sounded pretty… presumptuous (in her interview, she appears to argue that it’s not the parents’ responsibility, but the community-at-large’s). When I first watched it, because her quote was so outrageous, I held out hope that the snippet was taken out … Continue reading

Truth about bullies

Last week, I posted about bullying and the need for parents to take the issue seriously. My husband and I sat down and had a long talk, and we examined the topic from several perspectives. In an effort to get to the problem’s source, he asked me a question that I can’t seem to shake: … Continue reading

Truth about bullying

I belong to an online parenting group, and the other day one of the mothers posted a question:  what does it take to make bullies go away?  Evidently, after initially discounting her son’s complaints, she investigated them, and she now believes her son is being bullied.  He’s in kindergarten.  Then, another not-so-helpful commenter came along … Continue reading

Sometimes we just need a little rhythm and hope

One Day, Matisyahu. The message is grand and idealistic, yet he somehow grounds it and makes the whole thing seem attainable.  If you’re able to get this infectious song out of your head within 24 hours, let me know.  Not a bad way to start the week. Have a great one.

The Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. With the U.S. 2012 election over, Americans can finally begin to look ahead.  Admittedly, I was hoping for a different outcome, as evidenced by a rare and raging case of heartburn that erupted around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night.  My perspective is quite different … Continue reading