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Children – do they belong to their parents – or the community?

Yesterday, Melissa Harris-Perry got pummeled for her sound bite about the responsibility of raising children, which admittedly sounded pretty… presumptuous (in her interview, she appears to argue that it’s not the parents’ responsibility, but the community-at-large’s). When I first watched it, because her quote was so outrageous, I held out hope that the snippet was taken out … Continue reading

This is what I’m talking about.

Ask the hard questions.  Demand honest answers. Drones attacking U.S. citizens (without a trial) on American soil.  Highly unlikely?  Absolutely.  But then, I’m rather glad our Founding Fathers didn’t shrug and say, “Human equality?  Nah, we don’t  need to write that down.  That’s implied.  Moving on…” Hopefully, this is the start of a larger truth-seeking … Continue reading