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Children – do they belong to their parents – or the community?

Yesterday, Melissa Harris-Perry got pummeled for her sound bite about the responsibility of raising children, which admittedly sounded pretty… presumptuous (in her interview, she appears to argue that it’s not the parents’ responsibility, but the community-at-large’s). When I first watched it, because her quote was so outrageous, I held out hope that the snippet was taken out … Continue reading

In defense of optimism

The Newtown, Connecticut tragedy fades from the media, replaced with fiscal-cliff updates and myriad stories of international tensions. That’s not to say those affected have been forgotten – that’s not possible. It’s just that the proverbial dust has settled and it seems the populace has zeroed in on gun laws as the issue. As I … Continue reading

Manners matter (I’m looking at you, Mr. Biden)

Last Thursday’s vice presidential debates got me thinking about desirable qualities in a Vice President.  Policies and partisanship aside, I want to see honor.  I want to see self-control.  I want to see kindness and intelligence behind his eyes.  I want a “speak softly and carry a big stick” philosophy.  I want to see good ettiquette and graciousness. I’m an average … Continue reading