I’m Julia, and this is my little blog.

I learned the term “zeitgeist” in college.  The idea of a Time Spirit both enchanted and alarmed me.  Time is linear, of course, and something I’d always viewed as merely a sort of river to carry us from the cradle to the grave.  As such, time was scary only inasmuch as it forced you to face your own mortality.  But a Time Spirit that lives and breathes and grows and changes – that unsettled me.

I’m a fan of LOST (holy 180, batman).  In one of my favorite episodes, Desmond begins to skip through time.  As a result, he begins to go mad.  The only way he can save himself is to find a “constant,” a person he knows and loves and can anchor him and ultimately help him restore normalcy.

The Zeitgeist reminds me of Desmond; it seems to me to be helpless, a slave to the whims of society and its enlightenments of the age.  But it, too must have a “constant.”  If Desmond hadn’t found his Constant, he would have died.  Fortunately for mankind, the Zeitgeist does, in fact, have a Constant:

Truth.  Golden Rule truth.  Personal Accountability truth.  Common Sense truth.  We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident truths.

Truth Never Changes.

But if we forget these truths, these truths that hold us fast to a firm foundation, we – and the Zeitgeist – are lost on a sea of relativism.  And many of us are forgetting.  We must all of us remember.  The cost of forgetting is too great.


Thank you for stopping by.  If you’re interested in taking a look, I also blog at Being June and Literary Bits.


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