Children – do they belong to their parents – or the community?

Yesterday, Melissa Harris-Perry got pummeled for her sound bite about the responsibility of raising children, which admittedly sounded pretty… presumptuous (in her interview, she appears to argue that it’s not the parents’ responsibility, but the community-at-large’s).

When I first watched it, because her quote was so outrageous, I held out hope that the snippet was taken out of context.  Today, she wrote a response to the public outcry, which she blames on the right.  She goes on to explain in depth what she actually meant.  From what I gather, she says she was going for more of an “it takes a village” message than a “let’s take away your kids and raise them in a collective.”

My first-blush reaction to this is that , while I’m staunchly opposed to the idea of “the children belong to the community,” I have to admit that I yearn for the bygone days when our society actually did have more of a village mentality.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Children – do they belong to their parents – or the community?

  1. Ultimately responsibility for children rests with their parents or guardians. However we all, as a society have a responsibility for children whether they are our own or someone else’s. If I see a child in distress and their parents are absent I will do what I can to help. Likewise if a child is misbehaving I have, on occasions expressed my displeasure and asked them to desist! It isn’t an either or situation.

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